Hi, I’m Wallace Fong, and this is my blog that has a rather ambitious scope. Within its “pages’, I roam the domains of the arts and sciences, and offer my observations, explorations and musings about the topics of each domain. The “Arts” super-category covers a wide range of topics, including paintings, sculpture, design (jewellery, furniture etc), architecture, literature, music, dance, photography, places and heritage (objects or places of universal cultural significance). Within the “Science” super-category, I post blogs on physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and economics. I am writing this blog purely out of my curiosity of and broad love for each of the subjects, something I suspect had been lurking inside of me for a very long time and suppressed also for a very long time due to the demands of work and family. Now that I have retired, I am making for lost time and shooting for the moon, and I do really hope you will enjoy the ride with me as we wonder the marvels of this world in which we live and have our being. And here’s my email (wmfong2017@gmail.com) if you wish to reach me. Happy reading!