Poetry Moment: “Take Me to that Day”

Poetry feeds on the remembrance of our perceptions that are no more, since they belong to a moment in the past. We do not write of what is presently happening, but always of something at time’s remove, which may be of a year or a minute. Remembrance of things allows us to give voice to the poet’s manifesto: “distance is the soul of beauty”, as the following poem does by recollecting a sublime day in the past and pining for a return to similar moments.

Take Me to that Day

Take me to that day
when the air outside
smelled of lilies
And I was lifted by the songs
of leaves swaying
to the howls of the
four strong winds
I shall let the hours roll slowly,
like the lazy aimless clouds,
watch the sparrows hop and
tumble in the branches
till the sun climbs down,
and your shadow lies soft

on the earth
and the blue hour
ticks to black.
Then I will make my way home.
And under the sparring silver of the moon
and a thousand frosted stars.
I will cast all away all my cares.

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