This is why I love Tribal Art: A Quimbaya Gold Pendant

Gold-alloy pendant of a double-headed humanoid, before 10th CE. Quimbaya people, Colombia, South America, height: 5 inches. Private collection.

The Quimbaya civilization in Colombia, South America, is known for the enigmatic shapes and technical virtuosity of their gold art works. The Quimbaya civilization reached its zenith during the 4th to 7th century, then mysteriously vanished around the 10th century. Most of the gold artefacts, like this five-inch gold pendant, are used as funereal objects (gold is considered sacred to the early Colombians). This pendant depicts a two-headed anthropomorphic figure, probably representing a protective spirit being, with a long tail arched over his head on which six monkeys are perched. It is an example of Quimbaya goldsmithing at its best.

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