Red and Blue: Two Exquisite Tiffany Table Lamps

Created in 1910, this peony table lamp represents one of Tiffany Studio’s most ambitious and celebrated floral lamp shade designs. With a luscious a color palette of deep red, green and blue, the shade depicts both buds and full, mature blossoms, and is filled with an impressionistic quality as if to capture a single, fleeting moment in nature.

This hanging head “Dragonfly” table lamp illustrates Louis Comfort Tiffany’s affinity for the dragonfly motif, which he incorporated in many of his designs. This particular lamp is masterfully executed in a richly saturated color palette of purples, blues and greens, complemented by a highly sculptural “Queen Anne’s Lace” base. The stylized design in relief evokes images of the aquatic plants found in the insects’ natural habitat. 

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