Nature’s Artist: Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy (British, born 1956) is a sculptor who believes in working out of one’s comfort zone. In close collaboration with nature, he arranges, leaves, sticks and stones to create magical works of art. His icicle sculptures share a similar poetic beauty. They rise like stalagmites from the earth, hug tree trunks, or hang for dear life between rocks with a “here today, gone tomorrow” fragility. Goldsworthy knows his artworks won’t last long, so he always takes photographs of them, each a meditation on growth, change, decay, life and death. 

Selected Works of Andy Goldsworthy

Stacked icicles
Knotweed stalks arranged into a web-like structure and pushed into the lake bottom.
Ice spiral tree.
Snow slabs with circles.
Iris leaves and rowan berries.
Yellow petals wrapped around a boulder.
Broken pebbles.
Yellow boulder
Balanced rocks.
Poppy petals wrapped around a boulder.
Icicles held against rocks.
Soft red stone grounded into power around a sand hole.
Rowan leaves laid around a hole.
Broken pebbles scratch white with a stone.
Foxglove leaves, split down centre vein laid around hole.
Andy Goldsworthy at work.

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