‘Until Morning’ by Kate Rusby

In the deepest, darkest hour
Where the strongest soul will cower
And it feels like it’s so long till morning
I know your weary head needs rest
And we both know you’ve done your best
So I’ll hold your hand
Until the day comes dawning

With an audience spanning all generations and musical tastes and a repertoire that’s rich and imaginative, Kate Rusby (b. 1973) is deservedly praised as one of Britain’s most talented and popular folk singers. Her recent 17th album, Philosophers, Poets & Kings (released in May 2019), Rusby shows why she retains that broad appeal that has sustained her for over 20 years. The album pays homage to Kate’s home, her family, and friends who’ve inspired and encouraged her music, in a 12-track album of traditional and new songs written by her.

I love beautiful melodies telling us terrible me things.
– Tom Waits

Rusby’s own compositions for the album confirms her gift of pairing fine lyrics with enchanting melodies. Until Morning is a gem of the album. It is an emotional song of bonding, solace, and hope amid hopelessness, and Rusby sings every line from the heart, her soulful voice complemented beautifully by Damien’s O’Kane’s soft acoustics.

Until Morning finds its perfect partner in another song of comfort, As The Lights Go Out, where Sam Kelly’s mellow voice works wonders alongside Rusby’s. Chas Mackenzie’s haunting electric guitar provides a nice contrast with Damien’s unobtrusive banjo.

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