Renewal: a Poem

Sometimes, it takes the loss of what is precious to us to realise there’s still a lot more preciousness left in the pared down simplicity of life, which is the theme of this poem.


You don’t have
to scale mountains
or cross oceans,
No –
Grace is all around you,
visible as a red dress,
there whenever you want it.
If the despair of the world weighs on you
and you are worn down to trees,
take a leaf from me –
open up, let down your tangled hair,
and go to the twilight.
In the unpeopled silence,
watch the sun fold its golden fan
while the moon hangs its pale face
amid the day-blind stars,
waiting for their turn.
Then you will forget
the smouldering day,
And remember that
what we call the end
is often the beginning.
Such grace. It happenS unexpectedly.

© Wallace Fong 2020

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