Mountains and Meadows without End: The Music of Tim Janis

It’s the weekend again: time to sit back and relax with some calming, soulful music. The title of my post could well describe the music videos of Tim Janis, an American composer, conductor and sometime film director who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music and film industry. Janis’s music videos are a veritable treat that combine sacred and secular music with exceptionally beautiful images of, well, mountains and meadows (you get the picture). Here is a piece that I really like. It’s called Cathedral of the Pines (4:33). Hope it speaks to you.

For more of Janis’s “mountains and meadows” music, watch this 2-hour (you heard that right) video of hymns and instrumental music combined with gorgeous outdoor video shots. Trust me – unless one has a heart of stone, this is one music video that you’ll find hard to stop.

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