Everything Comes in Waves

Light, we are told, is both wave and particle. In a metaphorical sense, that quantum duality extends to the macro world. We see it in the breaking waves of the oceans and far above that, to restless storm clouds rumbling across the skies. And thus we are reminded that nature is one with itself, singularly awesome and beautiful. I share two short videos on these “wave moments” of sea and sky here. They were captured by Australian photographer Philip Thurston who has trained his eye to document the most powerful and beautiful moments of the breaking waves on the south-eastern coast of New South Wales, and occasionally, on waves of a different sort.

“We were in the middle of the Badlands, not chasing anything, just visiting, admiring such a vast and remarkable landscape, when suddenly, the skies turned dark (and) the contrast between the yellow and red compression lines of the mountains and the dark blue skies was breathtaking.”

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