You Heard It in the Movies II: The Music of John Barry

John Barry (1933 – 2011)

The name may not ring a bell, but most probably you have been moved by many of his film scores. Few composers of the late 20th Century enjoyed as much popular success or worldwide influence as John Barry (1933-2011). Winner of five Oscars, four Grammys and many other honors, Barry wrote some of the most memorable film music of our time such as Born FreeMidnight CowboyGoldfingerOut of Africa, Dances with WolvesSomewhere in Time and many others. Critics marvelled for decades at the Barry touch, his remarkable ability to capture the mood and flavor of every kind of movie, from the fanciful adventure of a James Bond thriller to epic romantic settings while retaining a style that is uniquely his own, one that is lush, expansive and suffused with unforgettable melodies that instantly touches your heart or sweeps you off your feet.

Selected Soundtracks of John Barry

Dances with Wolves (soundtrack for the 1990 western)

Out of Africa (soundtrack for the 1985 romantic adventure film)

Somewhere in Time (soundtrack for the 1980 motion picture)

Midnight Cowboy (soundtrack for the 1969 ‘buddy’ film)

Born Free (soundtrack for the 1966 movie set in plains of Africa)

Goldfinger (soundtrack for the 1964 James Bond film)

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