The Art of Stripping: Abstract Photography

What is abstract photography? For me, it is the art of making photos that make you stop and ask, “What is that?” before realizing the answer was in front of you all along. Abstract photos achieve this effect by stripping away some details of the context so that a “purer” image emerges, one that draws our attention to the form, shape, colors, tones and shadows of the subject, and in so doing, evoke the emotional power that resides in pure forms.

“Tides” by Stephen Wilkes

“A drop in the Ocean” by Michael Yamashita

“Sahara Sand Sculpture” by Nick Barte

“Sahara” by Nick Barte

“Sunlight on Water” by Henry Callahan, gelatin on print, 1943.

“Grasses” by Henry Callahan, gelatin on print, 1950s.

“Abstract Wall” by Graham Crumb.

“Cabbage Leaf” by Edward Weston, 1931.

“New York City”, Henry Callahan, 1974.

White Red Pink Flowers, Arteco Fine Art.

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