Poem of the Day: ‘A Song of Discovery’

Yes, 2020 was a horrible year, and this year is still fraught with uncertainty. But the earth is still brimming with beauty and there is hope if we are resilient and creative. I hope this poem of self-discovery will be an encouragement as we navigate another challenging year.

A Song of Discovery

The earth turned its face
the other way,
the heavens darkened
and the world stopped spinning,
grounded, like a bird
that couldn’t fly.

But what do you know?
In a year of no travel, I discovered
the geography of my mind:
highways and byways
that lay untravelled
under the surface of my soul,

Hafiz started the ball rolling;
‘Would you like to visit my garden?”
Who wouldn’t when it is Hafiz?
So I said “Yes!”
and we communed over wine,
I reading his poems out loud
day after shinning day,
intoxicated by the shapeliness
of every word.

Mary Oliver invited me for

a walk in the woods.
I said “Yes!”
Who wouldn’t for one who stands
on the margin between earth and sky?
We talked about the bees,
the honeysuckles,
the freshness of spring rain.
Of course, we talked poetry,
about the love one has to have
to turn earful of words into
rose blooms of poetry
like gravel into stars
or water into wine.

You can see where I’m coming from:
I’m still dizzy with the difference one year makes.
Under the tears of the clouds,
a wild happiness blooms.

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