Soul Necessary: “As the Deer” (A Song)

God, how crazy are the times we live in! How necessary for the soul to find peace amid the confusion and the despair. Music can help. If you find classical music too heavy, there is always the music of modern composers which are just as uplifting. Modern ambient music, film scores and hymns set the perfect mood for reflection, and here is one that I like. ‘As the Deer’ is a modern hymn written by the Maranatha Singers, a Christian group. Its title borrows from Psalms 42 speaking of the soul’s need for God the way a deer pants for streams of water. Even if you are not a believer, Psalms 42 is worth reading for its beautiful poetics, just as this song is worth listening to for its lovely calming melody. So sit back, relax and breeeatheā€¦.

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