Beauty Seeker: Photographer Erik Madigan Heck

Erik Madigan Heck (b. 1983) approaches photography with a sensibility of an artist. His pictures deliciously colour-saturated, sensual and often make references to historical art works and literature. The result are images that are at once painterly, yet contemporary. Not surprisingly, Heck has collaborated with the world’s top art, design and fashion brands including New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Sotheby’s, Valentino and Gucci.

Selected Works of Erik M. Heck



Heck has recently created a series of photographs titled “Without a Face,” focusing on the back of the garments, erasing the face, and offering a different perspective on the standard fashion shoot.
“So much of what we see today is concerned with the face — with celebrity, with the politics of a person and their endorsement,” Heck told the Cut. “I wanted to refocus our attention on the most basic elements of what I believe fashion and art are truly concerned with — color, form, texture, and seeing into a space beyond ourselves. For me, fashion is merely another mode to understand our relationship with beauty’s transcendent qualities.”


Heck continues producing work for commercial clients while wrapping a four-year-long personal project with his family titled The Garden. Shot outdoors on the property of their Litchfield County estate, The Garden is a modern fairy tale woven together by Heck’s photographs and poetry he wrote following his mother’s passing.

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