Film Music: Theme from “Braveheart”

Best known for his score for the ‘Titanic’, James Horner (1953 – 2015) has garnered accolades as one of the most successful film music composer. Winner of two Academy Awards and six Grammy Awards, Horner’s life was unfortunately cut short at the age of 61 while flying his turboprop aircraft, thus robbing the world of many more musical gems.

One of Horner’s most critically acclaimed work is the soundtrack for Mel Gibson’s Scottish epic movie, Braveheart (1995) which comprises 18 tracks. Here is my favorite track, “For the Love of a Princess” performed by two soloists, one on the violin and the other on the cello. The first rendition, by violinist, Taryn Harbridge, evokes the wistful Celtic sound of Horner’s composition, which is not a coincidence given that Horner is known for frequently integrating choral and Celtic motifs in his compositions. The second performance, led by cellist Hauser, with orchestral backing, lends a more epic feel to the theme. I love both renditions and hope you will enjoy them too.

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