Art of the Dance: British Artist, Jamel Akib

It is remarkable what effect can be achieved in painting through the quick application of the palette. Using this technique, British artist, Jamel Akib (b. 1965) beautifully captures the grace and energetic movements of the dance, be it that of a ballet dancer or a hummingbird in mid-flight. Each piece is rendered quickly, applying paint to the canvas using palette knives and paint brushes.

About the artist

Jamel Akib was born in Leigh-on-sea, Essex, England, in 1965 to mixed English and Malaysian parentage. He moved to Sabah, North Borneo at the age of five and returned to England to pursue further education at the age of thirteen. He gained a BA honours Degree in Illustration in 1989. He began working for the London Observer newspaper while still a student at art college, and has since become an award winning artist involved in many exhibitions and commissions. He has so far illustrated the covers for three booker prize finalists.

Jamel Akib in July 2019

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