My Small Room

Space is a constraint many of us face in our homes. Yet, with a bit of creativity, one may be able to carve out a small room and use that as a personal retreat, a place to read, to think and write. Some of you may be curious about my “small room”. It is small indeed – no bigger than 15 square meters – But it is my sanctuary. Unless I’m under the weather, I’m there almost daily, surrounded by my favourite things – two pots of plants, a small collection of seashells, a forest of books, pieces of tribal art amassed over decades and of course, my laptop. This is where this blog was born and continues to live. My room may be small, but it is the joy of my life. It is where I now spend most of my waking hours doing the work of making meaning. Below is a poem I wrote as an ode to this space, followed by some photos.


A room of your own
stroked by the light
of the sun, graced with
the green fingers of plants,
the ripeness of flowers
and a forest of books
to sit and read,
to think and write
to release into a voice
larger than your own
that which means
the world to you.
This is my home
within my home.
It is, for me

a necessary place,
as necessary as
air and light.

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