This Will Make Your Day: ‘A Million Roses’

There are some days when all you want is to soak your ears in waves of gentle, jaunty music – nothing heavy, just music that is able to flow in and through you and make you smile. Here is a delightful piece that I think checks all the right boxes: “A Million Roses” by the Korean all-girls group who calls themselves, Infinity of Sound.

The Girls and their Instruments

Infinity of Sound comprises triplets Kim Jin-ah, Kim Sun-ah, and Kim Min-ah. In the video, Kim Jin-ah plays the twelve-string kayageum, also called the Korean harp. Sun-ah plays the second stringed plucked instrument, the geomungo, which has fewer strings and is played with a stick. Min-ah periodically enters with parts on the haegeum, an instrument that produces the characteristic long sound often found in traditional Korean music (in fact, it is a kind of violin with two silk strings). Their brand of music blurs the lines between traditional, electronic, pop and fusion sounds, and the result is something very gentle, modern, yet characteristically Korean at the same time.

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