Three Songs for the Season

Featuring three songs to set the mood for the season. They include a classic hymn and two songs not considered as conventional carols. I love them all and hope you do, too.

‘O Holy Night’ (instrumental)

A classic hymn beautifully arranged by the independent Norwegian composer of instrumental music.

Enya – O Come, 0 Come Emmanuel

Few traditional carols can rival O come, O Come Emmanuel in meditative quality.  Translated as Veni, veni, Emmanuel in Latin, and traditionally sung during Advent and Christmas, this ancient hymn speaks of the old Israel longing for the first coming of the Messiah. But it goes beyond that, by voicing a yearning for Christ’s second coming to consummate the history of mankind’s redemption. The hymn has a solemn chant-like resonance that makes listening to it a deeply moving experience to both Christians and lovers of plainsongs alike. There many recordings but the one I like most is by the Irish song-writer/singer, Enya, whose crystalline voice is precisely what this ethereal hymn deserves.

John Denver – Aspenglow


See the sunlight through the pine
Taste the warm of winter wine
Dream of softly falling snow
Winter’s gold

As the winter days unfold
Hearts grow warmer with the cold
Peace of mind is all you know
Winter’s gold

Smiling faces all around
Laughter is the only sound
Memories that can’t grow old
Winter’s gold

Aspen is the life to live
See how much there is to give
See how strongly you believe
See how much you may receive.

‘Aspenglow’ is a 1975 song by the late pop-folk singer, John Denver that paints a homely winter scene setting in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen is a resort town where many skiers come during winter, holding torches as they slide their way down the mountains (thus the Aspen glow). It is also a place where Denver, a nature lover, had many fond memories and which inspired two of his other well-loved songs – “Rocky Mountain High” and “Starwood in Aspen.” Denver sometimes referred to his lyrics as “word pictures,” “Aspen Glow” is a great example of this type of image-filled songwriting which is typical of his work.

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