What Lies Beneath: Life in the Ocean Deep

We cannot imagine life without the sun. Yet, there is a world that brims with life a few hundred meters beneath the surface of the ocean. Sunlight has never penetrated depths of a thousand meters or more. Yet life exists in this eternal darkness. The animals who live down here produce their own light. They have bioluminescent bodies, strange tentacles, all kinds of unique characteristics that enable them to survive in such extreme conditions. These critters are not just cool looking; they play an important role in keeping carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere. By feeding near the surface, carbon in their food are brought into the deep waters where they remain isolated from the atmosphere for thousands of years. We ignore and damage this world at our peril.

Deep-sea jelly fish
Deep-sea angler fish
Dragon fish
Oar fish
The giant squid
The deep-sea chimera, a cousin of the shark

Video Documentaries

Life Where the Sun Never Reaches

Rare footages of the anglerfish:


A stunning video of the denizens of the deep filmed by researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (https://www.mbari.org).

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