Sacred Places: A Photo Journey II

For decades, acclaimed Japanese photographer Kenro Izu (b. 1949) has travelled the world to capture timeless images of sacred places in their natural settings – from Stonehenge in England, to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the mysterious Callanish standing stones of Scotland. His works are exhibited in major museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Kenzo also founded Friends Without a Border – an organization devoted to raising funds for children’s hospitals in Cambodia. Scroll down the photo gallery to see monochrome images of sacred stone monuments in Kenzo’s portfolio. You would want to take your time with each photo, for they are images that truly defy simple description.

Pagan, Burma 1994
Si Satchnarai, Thailand 1998
Ayutthaya, Thailand 1998
Myson, Vietnam 1995
Angkor, Bayon, Cambodia 1994
Angkor, Bayon, Cambodia 1995
Pak Ou Cave, Luang Prabang, Laos, 1997
Moai, Easter Island, Chile, 1989
Stonehenge, Amesbury, England 1992
Callanish, Standing Stones, Scotland 1985
Maidun, Pyramid at Maidun, Egypt 1985
Giza, Pyramid of Giza at Sunset, Egypt 1985
Borobudur, Indonesia 1996
Xi Xia Wangling, Yinchuan, China
Stonehenge, Amesbury, England 1991
Pagan, Burma 1991
Palmyra, Syria 1995
Palmyra, Syria 1995
Palmyra, Syria 1995
Angkor Wat, Cambodia 1993
I’timad-ud-daulah, Agra, India 1997
Angkor, Prasat Kraven, Cambodia 1994

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