Jewel in the Desert: The Amanjena, Morocco

It may seem melodramtic to describe a hotel as a ‘jewel’ but I think the Amanjena in Morocco truly deserves this epithet. Located just outside the ancient Red City of Marrakech, the resort is set within an oasis of palms and olive trees. In Arabic, its name means “peaceful paradsie.” Moorish heritage oozes throughout the pisé-walled resort, all the way to the guest pavilions that radiate out from an ancient bassin, echoing the style of a sultan’s palace. Hot desert wind rushes through its spilling palms, casting shadows across the pink walls that enclose the hotel. Reminiscent of Marrakech itself, colonades and archways soar and fountains glimmer in the brilliant sun. And when darkness draws in, lights illuminate the Moorish architecture with theatrical splendour. The bassin (irrigation pool) becomes a mirror, reflecting the archways, palms and stars above, until a breeze sweeps in, changing the sight into a swirling cloud of color.

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