Haiku after Haiku

This series features the endearing three-line poetic form known as haiku, whose lineage dates to the 16th century. The selected haiku below are by some of the most revered names in Japan.

Softly appearing,
mountain after mountain –
the first mist

~ Chiyo

Slowly without hurry,
the mountainside changes hue –
moonlit night

~ Kawakami Fuhaku

Noon –
orioles singing,
the river flows in silence

~ Kobayashi Issa

Dawn trees
by passing rain

~ Ozaki Hōsai

Love like,
a three-day moon playing
in the sand dunes

~ Tsuda Kiyoko

A dream –
the soul picked up
by a butterfly

~ Yosa Buson

With the drifting scent of plum,
evening comes early
to the foothills

~ Yosa Buson

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