You have joy
when you just want
to dig into the moments,
and linger there, not fretting
about the whys, not noticing the
ticking of the clock, nor the
impulse of the hurrying heart.
You are like an artist in the wild,
swapping plants & paint for agendas
or the poet who is grateful
that the words that arrived,
were the words he has waited
for god knows how long, and
he is just lapping them up,
not asking why they came,
or what took them so long,
just grateful that they came
and are now his playmates.

So close your books,
ditch all philosophy.
The meaning of life is
to live, the meaning of love
is to love, and play has no
meaning than play itself. Joy is
the way of a child because it is
a child’s instinct to play.

~ Wallace Fong

Two short videos that capture the human quality of unalloyed joy in the faces of ordinary folks doing their best to do what they love. Produced by Yann Arthus-Betrand (b. 1946), who is an environmental activist, journalist, photographer and film director.

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