The Purity of the Circle: Ceramic Artist, Yoon Sol

“The sphere is archetype and symbol of a mother’s womb, eggs in the womb, shell as a protection layer…”

~ Korean artist, Yoon Sol

A circle is a shape that feels the most stable to human eyes. If lines were the first formative language used to express human emotions, the circle is the simplest yet most complete form a line can create.

For the past 20 years, the Korean ceramic artist, Yoon Sol has consistently explored circles as a running theme, incorporating various forms of spheres in his ceramic works. Yoon Sol produces various sculptures by cutting hollow sphere forms into linear or curved sections, then joining the shells piece by piece to form hyper-dimensional sculptures with a thoroughly modern aesthetic. The diameter of each sphere doesn’t exceed 40 centimeters—just the right size for the artist to wrap his arms around and wield his techniques. Scoring, cutting, attaching, and sanding dozens of sphere sections with a titanium knife in hand, he looks almost like a surgeon wielding a scalpel, and his works are like complicated surgeries that allow no room for mistakes.

Selected works of Yoon Sol (“From the Archetype’, 2012)

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