Haiku After Haiku

Bask in the quiet voice of the haiku, as we come to the close of one year and the beginning of another. Brief, yet profoundly philosophical, this traditional Japanese poetic form is an apt metaphor for the life lived briefly but introspectively.

Sunset, moonlight –
our song continues

~ Ikkyu Sojun

A heart searching for something,
releasing all to the sea

– Ozaki Hosai

All night long,
salt winds drive the storm –
tossed waves and moonlight drips

– Matsuo Basho

Coming to the sea,
the winter wind has
no place to return

– Yamaguchi Seishi

Where’s the moon?
The haze-covered sky is all light

– Inko

A day of chrysanthemums –
what a shower of droplets,
combed from wet hair

~ Sugita Hisajo

Pursued, it hides in the moon
– the firefly

– Sano Ryota

Over the flowing water,
chasing shadow –
the dragonfly

– Chiyo-Ni

Stillness –
fireflies are glowing
over deep water

– Masaoka Shiki

As the sound fades,
the scent of the flower comes up –
the evening bell

– Matsuo Basho

The water glistens,
a subtle tremble
of the evening wind

– Ozaki Hosai

The hills cast shadows
and pampas grass is swaying
in sunlight meadows

– Yosa Buson

White dew, one drop
on each thorn

– Yosa Buson

A shaft of sunlight
stirs the trees –
first light of spring.

~ Wallace Fong

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