Living with Art: Sandra Nunnerley, Designer

New York-based designer, Sandra Nunnerley brings art literally into the home – both hers and those of her well-heeled clients. Over the years, her sense of “art de vivre” grew into a style where the traditional meets the modern with easy grace. Her background in architecture and fine arts gives depth to her work, where past and present mingle harmoniously together, transforming spaces that need a soul into veritable art niches that are beautifully chic.

A round game table is accented by a vibrant Alexander Calder painting that adorns the leather-panelled wall.
The crimson-red sofa complements the visual treats of a Marca-Relli painting and David Smith sculpture.
Wilhem De Kooning’s “Hostess” in conversation with a Matisse painting and a Fritz Hennington sofa.
Alberto Giacometti’s Stele III stands in a curved niche, its brooding presence contrasts with the luxurious cherry red wall behind.
A curved bronze stairway blends seamlessly with Jacques Lipchitz’s “Joy of Life” sculpture in the gardens.
Ingo Maurer’s golden ribbon light floats above this room.
Richard Pettibone’s “Brancusi’s Dealer” is a stately crown for the Jacques Adnet armchair.
Giacometti’s “Femme de Venus V” graces a living room.
A pair of Royere sconces animates this wall.
Artwork by Audubon and a Tang horse completes a tableau on a regency-style console.
] A Carlo Bugatti chair is coupled with a mid-century Murano lamp and a Kim MacConnell artwork.
Mirrored tables and a Richard Serra painting frame this monochrome seating area.
A boomerang and a Kaz Oshiro painting adorn a 1970s Italian plexiglass console. The carved wooden chair is Ethiopian.
A Khmer sculpture c. 945 stands at attention beside a mirror that reflects a Jean Royere chandelier.
A juxtaposition of geometric shapes framed by a colorful Kenneth Noland painting brightens up this corner of a living room.

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