Beautiful Melodies: The Aranjuez Concerto

Music brings together inner and outer, the past and present, and the undulations of joy and sadness that’s part of the human condition. Take, for example, the melancholic Concerto de Aranjuez. Listening to it, you can almost feel the pain and acceptance of Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo when he wrote this masterpiece back in 1939. Rodrigo and his wife had lost a baby, and he masterfully shows in this second movement the pain of a father, asking God ‘why me?’ in despair. The movement captures the agony, acceptance and reconciliation with life and God. Watch below an impassioned performance of the Aranjuez Concerto by the acclaimed Spanish classical guitarist, Pablo  Sáinz Villegas (born 1977).

Aranjuez Concerto – the 2nd (adagio) movement, performed by Pablo  Sáinz Villegas

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