Sensual Photography

A photograph can be sensual without having anything to do with sex. Streaks of raindrops on a windowpane can look sensual, as can the graceful turn of a ballet dancer captured in soft focus. From an artistic viewpoint, sensuality is the ability of an image to gratify the senses; we look at a picture of a street scene and we feel as though we can smell and hear what’s going on in the street. We look at a picture of weather-beaten wall, and we have this desire to to feel its textures. We look at a landscape bathed in colors so inviting and sensual, we imagine we are right there gasping with delight. In other words, a sensual image is an intimate one. And because we know the world through our senses, sensual images can speak to us in very powerful ways. Below are photographs that strike me as having this quality.  

Moss growing on rocks in a garden is always a sensual image, inviting one to stop and look up close, perhaps even smell the earth.

Dead cherry blossoms floating on a pond.

White lotus.

Wood stub in a forest.

Rock on raked pebbles in a Japanese garden.

Autumn colors.

Rain drops on a window pane at night.

Flower seen from a frosted window pane.

Wind caressing the landscape.

Clothes line in Murano, Italy.

Weather-beaten wall, old town of Annecy, France.

Tree waving to its shadow.

Shadow dog.

Afternoon in Tuscany, Italy.

No choice but to keep moving.

Don’t feel a thing.

Stepping out with my baby.

Never stop dancing.

Watch me swirl.

A time to read.


Five o’clock light.

Getting into the shade.

Cracks are how the light gets in.

Not what you’d expect to see on the street.

Light stripes.

Glorious, sensual world.

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