Moments of Street Life

The street is where the mundane meets the magnificent, the orderly meets the chaotic, the glamorous meets the gritty. When we walk on the streets – any street, we are walking into a ‘living’ art gallery. We are in the midst of a cacophony of sounds and people and images, moving and static, all conspiring to breathe life into dull concrete. This is what make street life endlessly fascinating. It is also what makes a street photo more than just a street photo. So take your time for a digital stroll through the street thoroughfares and alleys pictured below. You may encounter one or two images that evoke memories of places you have been, street scenes that have left a lasting imprint on your mind.

A quiet alley in Nablus, northern West Bank, Israel.
A wet evening somewhere in Italy.
Will I find love again?
Istanbul, Turkey.
Milan, Italy.
Venice, Italy.
New York, New York.
Nottingham, UK.
Delhi, India.
Florence, Italy.
Hong Kong.
Somewhere in Iraq.
Child beggar, Pakistan.
Retro punks, Tokyo.
Small house in Kyoto.
Street barber, Wuhan, China.
Street hawker selling BBQ meat, Singapore.
See you next time! Crowded bus, India.

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