Bagging Rights: Designer Hester van Egghen

Happiness for me is to be in my atelier, completely unrestrained and occupied, experimenting with materials. When I am working, surrounded by swatches and sketches, it is like a silent dialogue”

Hester van Egghen loves leather and calls Italy a “leather heaven”. Milan is home for her leather creations – bags, wallets, shoes, and various accessories, bearing her signature style – a minimalist geometric aesthetic combined with lush colors from palette of more than 250. Besides being sculpturally beautiful, her bags are practical yet playful, incorporating elements of surprise on the inside and outside such as multiple compartments in contrasting, complementary shades, unusual clasps and closures, and other unexpected details.

Hester van Egghen’s career has spanned for more than 30 years. Today, she works directly with small manufacturers in Milan, who use traditional tanning and finishing techniques sought after by major luxury brands. Her collections are all handmade and produced in small editions. She has been hailed as one of the most influential Dutch designers of recent times.

Pictured below are a selection of handbags designed by van Egghen since 1994.








Spanish Steps


Dr. Zhivago


Hester van Egghen

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