Lallukka: Finnish House of Art

Lallukka in Helsinki, Finland is a very special place. It is literally a home to many prominent figures of the art field and has been so since 1933. Within the walls of this functionalist building, artists have painted and sculpted, living and working next door to musicians, stage artists and writers. To this day, more than 130 visual artists and a host of musicians and stage artists have stayed at this “Artists’ Home”, creating works that have mirrored peaceful and tumultuous changes in both society and art.

Artists Lyyli and Matti Visanti in their Lallukka studio around 1950 / © Photo: Roos.
Interior of Lalluka today.
An artist working in his studio in Lalluka.
Lallukka from the outside – a functionalist, artful building.

A short video clip of artists in residence at Lallukka. Produced by Monocle.

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