Topological Forms: The Ceramic Art of Merete Rasmussen

The space in between (a sculpture) is as important as the physical mass itself.

~ Danish abstract sculptor, Merete Rasmussen (b. 1974)

I’ve always imagined that topology, the branch of mathematics that studies the properties of shapes under deformation, could inspire great art. So it was with great pleasure that I discovered the work of Danish sculptor, Merete Rasmussen, whose large ribbon-like sculptures – most measuring 60 cm across – are as precise as they as fluid. Rasmussen works mainly with ceramics, and sometimes, bronze. Her ceramic sculptures defy traditional expectations of wistful ceramic art. They twist and curl into convoluted shapes that it’s hard to believe that the artist uses just her hands to make them. Rasmussen says of her sculptures: “My shapes can represent an idea of a captured movement, as a flowing form stretching or curling around itself, or the idea can derive from repeated natural forms or even complex mathematical constructions …I am intrigued by the idea of a continuous surface, for example with one connected edge running through an entire form.”

Selected Works of Merete Rasmussen

Merete Rasmussen talks about the perpetual draw of working with clay and the mindfulness of her practice.

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