Tall Legacy: Mount Emei, China

There are few places of altitude where one is greeted with both stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Mount Emei (in China is one of them. This 3,099m(10,167 feet) mountain is located on the southwestern edge of the Sichuan Basin in China. The area around is blessed with secluded landscapes and rich biological resources. It is also a historical  and cultural treasure not only for China but for humanity, for this is the place where Buddhism first gained a foothold in China and from where it spread widely to the rest of the world.

Buddhist complex at the summit of Mount Emei in Sichuan province, China.

The most remarkable manifestation of this is the Giant Buddha of Leshan. Carved in the 8th century at the foot of the mountain facing the confluence of three rivers, it stands at 71m, making it the largest Buddhist structure in the world, and Mount Emei’s reputation as one of four famous Buddhist mountains in China. As one would expect, the area is a treasure trove of ancient Buddhist relics such as inscriptions, paintings, and temples, of which more than thirty were built between the 1st and 17th century. In 1996, this scenic spot was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.

The imposing Giant Buddha of Leshan in the vicinity of Mount Emei in Sichuan province, China.

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