Poem of the Day: ‘Oh, Spring!’

Spring has (officially) arrived, unbidden, yet inviting and welcoming after winter’s harshness. It’s reminder too, that all life moves with time, and we should make the most of a season. As Anne Dillard puts it so well, “as I move, the world moves around me, the fullness of what I see shatters.” See it before it shatters! The following poem I wrote expands on this thought.

Oh, Spring!

Like a thief in the night, spring
has come. The first tender leaves unfurl;
with rising exultation, the grass sings,
and flowers everywhere pick their colors.
The earth is again a painted canvas,
which you think of as freely given.
You cannot hold spring in your wallet
but you can carry it, and daily
until the day the fullness of it shatters
and every flower is washed away like silt,
and spring is a placeholder of memories
lived and unlived.

© Wallace Fong

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