In the Mood for Slow: Two Adagios

Slow music have a place in our fast-spaced world, the way meditation and quiet reading can help refresh our mental health. Today, I like to share two slow pieces of slow music. The first is Adagio in D Minor by the Italian Baroque composer, Alessandro Marcello (1673-1747) who is a contemporary of J.S. Bach. Bach subsequently wrote a solo keyboard arrangement of Marcello’s composition that became known as his Concerto in D Minor, BMW 974. Hence, the work is sometimes attributed to both Marcello and Bach. The second piece is by the Norwegian New Age group, Secret Garden simply entitled “Adagio”. Although modern, it has distinct classical undertones, reflecting the musical training of its composer, Rolf Løvland.

Alessandro Marcello/J.S. Bach Adagio in D Minor

Secret Garden, Adagio

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