A World Apart: The Deep Sea

There is a world within this one most of us will never go. It is world of the deep ocean where sunlight never reaches, and we would think that no life can exist. And we would be wrong. The deep-sea brims with life forms so bizarre that we are may rub our eyes in disbelief even after seeing scientifically documented footages of the deep-sea’s ecosystem.  

For years, the Schmidt Ocean Institute, a non-profit oceanographic research foundation, has illuminated this ecosystem, using advanced remove operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with a suite of sensors and a 4K camera. The footage captured reveals the distinct universe that is very far apart from what we are accustomed to, yet familiar in a surreal kind of way. It is a world where gardens of sponge grow in the sea floor, close to vents of superheated water, where fragile creatures drift in mighty currents, enduring crushing pressures thousands of kilometers under the surface of the ocean, and where pelagic wanderers go to great lengths to secure a meal and to mate. Click on the short video clip below for a glimpse of this remarkable world. All footage shown is filmed and provided by Schmidt Ocean Institute (check out their website: https://schmidtocean.org/)


Natural World Facts, a YouTube channel produced by Leo Richards, will be releasing two full videos of the ecosystem of the midwater and the sea floor from July this year. The title of the episodes are: Into the Abyss: The Midwater and Into the Abyss: The Deep Sea Floor.

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